Expedition to Manila -1762

EIC was a trading company, but its rivalry with the French compelled it to start raising troops in 1746. The troops were first used during  the outbreak of hostilities with Spain in 1762.

War was declared in June 1762, and preparations were made in Madras, Fort St. George for an expedition against Manilla.

The force was able to seize control of Manilla from the Spaniards. An additional 2000 sepoys were requested to maintain permanent control of the area, that may not have been sanctioned.  The force was withdrawn from Manilla in 1764, and Manilla was returned to Spain in April 1764 after the 1763 Treaty of Paris was signed.

Madras Artillery – 30

Company Coffrees – 80

Company Topasses – 80

Madras Sepoys – 650